Are you willing to date someone who is not vaccinated?

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New Delhi, May 12

Amid the second and more lethal wave of Coronavirus in India, an increasing number of people prefer to date only those who are vaccinated, reveals a survey.

The results of the survey, led by online dating app QuackQuack, showed that people are more likely to talk to someone who is pro-vaccine compared to anti-vaxxers.

About 70 per cent of people in the age-group 18-30 will consider meeting their date only once they are vaccinated, and eight out of 10 people aged 31 and above feel that inoculation is a prerequisite for their date.

On the other hand, 30 per cent of people in the age group 18-30 would not necessarily consider vaccination and would take other safety precautions while meeting, the study showed.

About 80 per cent of women and 70 per cent of men wants their date to be vaccinated and if someone is an anti-vaccinator, then chances of them getting rejected are high. Only 25 per cent of men and women were found open to the idea of meeting anti-vaccinators.

“The survey has given us some very important insights into how people are not being negligent about the prevailing crisis and are strictly abiding by the health protocols issued for everybody’s wellbeing. Conversations have now moved from ‘lockdown’, ‘Covid’, ‘masks’, asocial distancing’ to ‘vaccination’ and athe greater fear about the second wave’,” said Ravi Mittal, Founder & CEO, QuackQuack, in a statement on Wednesday.

“It has rather become essential to disclose that you have been vaccinated, because otherwise there are very slim chances of finding a match. Therefore, vaccination has become an added quality for a person to be liked and chosen.

“Also, as we put our users’ safety over anything, we have provided links to a collective page to our users when they login to our website. Hence, we are doing our bit in ensuring that our users are safe while they look for love,” Mittal added. — IANS

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