How to build your skin’s health and immunity in the face of pollution, dirt and grime

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November 10, 2020 5:30:33 pm

Your regular skincare regime and lifestyle affects the look and texture of your skin. (Photo: Getty)

The health and immunity of your skin go beyond using a certain set of products. It is also affected by external, internal and certain lifestyle factors. “The world we are living in today makes it imperative to have a strong immunity not just for our body but also the skin as it is the largest organ,” says Isha Bindra, communications manager at Kiehl’s India, adding that  “your regular skincare regime habits and lifestyle attribute to the looks and texture of your skin”.

Below are some key pointers that you can keep in mind to develop a strong immunity for your skin. Check them out

Incorporate the CTM routine

“In order to build long-lasting immunity, one has to get the basics right and start simple,” says Bindra. Cleansing, toning and moisturising should be your skincare gospel to follow. Make sure you invest in a paraben, sulphate, non-radical free cleanser. Next, opt for an alcohol-free toner to further maintain the Ph levels of the skin. Finally, pick a moisturiser according to the weather and skin type. “Choosing a cream-based moisturiser in winters helps lock in hydration. This 3-step regime followed twice a day helps in keeping the skin free of dirt, dullness and dryness” she says. 

Focus on SPF application

We often tend to miss out on one of the most essential steps of a daily skincare routine – application of sunscreen. “The first step to avoiding skin ageing and improving immunity of the skin starts with wearing sunscreen daily, even on gloomy days! This not only protects you from the harmful UV rays but slows down the process of ageing,” she tells 

Don’t miss out on supplements

Vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc supplements are some basic requirements not only for your body but skin, too. “Vitamin C, especially, since it is said to improve immunity by protecting skin cells from the damage caused by UV exposure,” says Bindra. Hence, you should add vitamin C-based products to your skincare routine. Bur before you go on to buy a product,  ensure that pre or post serums contain 12.5 per cent of pure vitamin C coupled with actives such as hyaluronic acid, if you have dry skin, and salicylic acid in case you have oily skin to help achieve glowing skin. 

Serums are the way to go

“Serums are the ultimate answer for skin immunity and nourishment. They boost collagen production and help in making the skin feel healthy and supple. Serums, unlike other skincare products, help in deep penetration and radiant looking skin over time,” adds Bindra.

If you want to invest in a serum make sure it has ingredients such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Bindra says always “look for an adaptogenic herbal complex, the smallest form of hyaluronic acid.” This is because the component penetrates better in your skin and neutralizes the effects of sun exposure, pollution, stress, lack of sleep and more.

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