How to Check Your Vi Balance, Plan, and Validity

How to check Vi prepaid balance with using the app, or even without the Internet? If you have a Vi (Vodafone Idea) number, it’s fairly easy to know how to check Vi balance, plan, and validity for your prepaid account.

Vi has been expanding its services like Wi-Fi calling to Delhi and other regions and has launched new prepaid packs to attract subscribers that it has been steadily losing from the beginning of last year.

But recently, a lot of people have been asking how to check Vi prepaid balance using the app or star codes.

It is quite easy if you have a smartphone. In case you don’t, we’ll tell you what codes to punch in to get the details that you are looking for.

Before we jump in, you can also check a few updates that Vi launched a few days ago. Those include Wi-Fi calling in Delhi, and support for multiple profiles on a single account.

You can also check recharge plans across providers and find the best recharge options across providers.

Here’s how you can check Vi balance, plan, and validity for your prepaid number.

How to check Vi Balance, Plan, and Validity

There are three ways to check your prepaid balance on Vi. The first is through the Vi app:

  • Vi prepaid customers should download the Vi app from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Once done, subscribers can login to their account via their Vi number.
  • Once you login, the talktime balance, remaining data and relevant information can be seen on the homescreen.
  • In order to see the active packs and services, subscribers can tap on the Main menu > Active packs and services to see their plan.

The second option is that subscribers dial *199# and choose the relevant option to check the balance.

You can also see your details via Vi’s WhatsApp chat. Subscribers can punch in their phone number on Vi’s registration portal and subscribe to Vi’s WhatsApp chat to get updates on their Vi account, best offers and more.

Once you type your phone number, you will receive an OTP to verify your phone number. After verification, you will start getting updates from the telecom giant.

You can also dial *199# and choose the relevant option to check the validity and active packs.

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