‘Minnesota get out and vote’: Trump’s son Eric asks people to cast votes, week after US Elections ended

Incumbent US President Donald Trump never fail to make headlines with their statements. This time Eric Trump became a laughing stock after he urged people to come out and cast votes, a week after the election concluded. His father, Donald Trump, has already lost the post of US President to Joe Biden.

Eric took to Twitter and said, “Minnesota get out and vote!!!” The Tweet was eventually deleted but the netizens took a screenshot of it and circulated it as the tweet came a week later as the United States voted on November 3 to choose their next president.

Scheduled post. Someone picked the wrong Tuesday: Netizens poke fun at Eric 

A social media user said that Eric scheduled the tweet for the wrong week. Writer and artist Meg Maker tweeted, “Scheduled post. Someone picked the wrong Tuesday.”  Another netizen said that he thought Eric asked Minnesota to commit voter fraud.  He had tweeted, “Okay, finally got around to making my electoral map prediction.”

eric trump

The faux-pas drew comparisons with Internet Explorer – Microsoft’s browser that is notorious for its slow performance.

Previously, Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr posted a world map with most countries shaded in red, indicating that his father was going to win. The red colour is used to represent Republicans in the US.

In the map, he showed India in blue, meaning it was going to vote for Democratic candidate Biden. Trump Jr, however, represented Jammu and Kashmir in red, which meant it was going to vote for his father.

US President Donald Trump has called the election “a fraud on the American people” by his rival Democrats and refused to concede. President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday called President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede his election loss an “embarrassment” but dismissed the standoff as unimportant, according to news agency AFP.

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